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Linda Welcomes you to her web site. Construction ahead as Linda is working on a new site. Patience required here.   The Legend of the Belsnickle

Linda Open House for 2018  Doors open at 1 pm.  Come early and enjoy the fun, food and snickles.

The website will be for archival purposes only and that pictures of new collections can be viewed on her Facebook business page "Belsnickles by Linda Lindquist Baldwin"!


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Linda is featured in a national magazine called "Simple Grace" that came out Novermer 9th...  see her on facebook.

Like her "Belsnickles by Linda Lindquist Baldwin" page on Facebook. 

Linda wants everyone to know that she is working on a makeover for her website.  So BE PATIENT as Linda is working in a new world.  The computer world is strange to her. Check back in a few weeks.  She hopes to have things up in time for her OPEN HOUSE .... In the meantime, you can order these items here.

1401          Santa w/Scooter & Package Figurine    $58.00
                   9 in. tall x 4 in. wide

Sold Out


1402          Santa w/Train Car Bell    $28.00
                   3 ½ in. tall x 3in. wide


1403          Santa w/Train Car Orn.    $16.00
                   2 ½ in. high x 2 in. wide


1404          Skiing Santa w/Trees Figurine     $30.00
                   5 in. high x 3 in. wide

Sold Out




1405          “Merry Christmas” Snowlady Figurine     $58.00
                   9 ¾ high x 4 ¼ wide

sold out


1406          Snowman w/Train Car Bell     $28.00
                   4 ¼ high x 3 in. wide

Sold Out


1407          Snowman w/Hat Orn.     $16.00  unboxed
                   3 ¾ high x 2 ½ wide

sold out



1408          Snowgirl w/Trees & Wreath Figurine    $33.00
                   5 in. high x 2 3/4 in. wide

Sold Out




1409          Pumpkin & Ghost w/Owl & Moon      $35.00
                   4 in. high x 3 in. wide


1410          Grateful Hearts Scarecrow w/Burlap Bag Figurine
                   11 ¼ in. high x 7 in. wide 











You can see the pictures from Linda's 2012 Open house right here





2011 Open house Pictures are here

The 2011 Open House in Joplin, Missouri in December was a wonderful event as Linda is celebrating her 25th anniversary. Everyone had a wonderful time. If you were there, you can perhaps see yourself or friends. Click on this line to see.

You can see Linda's brother, Keith, tell a story about her other brother Mark. Endearing. Click here.

Belsnickle Artist Believes In Giving Back  

By Seth E. Baldwin

All serious, long-time collectors of Linda Lindquist Baldwin’s are surely familiar with how she bought a nickel book at a garage sale (you can read the story below) in the summer of 1986 and was inspired to begin sculpting and painting her own papier-mâché Father Christmases and Belsnickles.

Yet that was almost twenty-five years ago, and many of her collectors may not know the
stories of her charitable work and other achievements since that time.

    Linda has always been a lover of animals, from the family dog, George, growing up on Big Sugar Creek to her present dog, Snickles, and the dozen or more dogs or cats she’s taken in and taken care of in between.  Snickles has featured prominently in two of her recent sculptures and is due to appear in another this year.  He and Percy, the Museum Cat, are featured in these extremely popular pieces – one of last year’s Route 66 vintage car pieces featuring the duo even sits in the Mayor of Bethlehem’s office!  Linda has always believed in giving back to the community and giving to charity, and she contributes a portion of all sales of these “Percy and Snickles” pieces to the Joplin Museum Complex and the Joplin Humane Society.

    Again, many collectors surely know that Linda was working two jobs with developmentally disabled adults and attending night classes at college when she made her nickel book purchase.  Her commitment to assisting the developmentally disabled has not tapered; at her annual Holiday Celebration / Open House, she sponsors a fundraiser, which provides scholarships to developmentally disabled students at
Crowder College.

Linda has also served on the Foundation Board at
Crowder College and recently received the Crowder College Foundation Board’s Distinguished Service Award in recognition of exceptional and dedicated service to Crowder College and the pursuit of educational excellence in southwest Missouri. She also co-chaired the annual Festival of Wreaths, a major College scholarship fundraiser.
    Near “I’ll Fly Away” composer, Albert E. Brumley’s, homestead in Powell, Missouri, on the same road that leads to her childhood home on Big Sugar Creek in McDonald County, is a large, historical, iron-clad bridge that was scheduled to be demolished to make way for a new bridge.  Linda, a lover of national and local heritage, could not stand to let this happen, and so helped lead a grassroots campaign and created a special “We Love the Powell Bridge” raffle piece to help keep the old bridge open for pedestrians. She now serves on the Board of Directors of the Powell Historical Preservation Society.

    Not only has she received recognition by traditional news and industry sources such as CNN, NBC Nightly News, and the
Smithsonian Museum of American Folk Art, Linda has also recently received celebrity and international recognitions.  In the “Holiday 2009” edition of People Extra, Jennie Garth (of “Beverly Hills 90210” fame and wife of Twilight’s Peter Facinelli ) displayed her favorite Christmas decorations, including Linda’s Belsnickles!  And in 2008, Linda received international recognition by the Collectors’ Information Bureau when her “Santa with Yule Log and Girl” was nominated by judges for the Collector’s Choice Award, and then voted the winner by collectors.

417-499-6604    Facebook


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You can look at the Open House pictures up so you can try to find yourself if you were there and see how much fun everyone had....



Come and see Linda's spring pieces ..............  a bunny and a snowlady.  You can purchase these now.................

  Pictures from the Open House 2009
you can see photos of the event here and look for yourself or your friends

Look what you missed at the Open House

 Click here to see Linda's brother Keith sum up the history of the Open House in his own style

Click here to see Linda's brother Keith sum up the history of the Open House in his own style




2008 Pieces


See what this picture has to do with
2008 Open House... it requires a story

Buy this piece right here on line..

Open house pictures from 2008.   
If you were there, see if you can find yourself. 
If you missed it, see what it was like so you can come next year. 
Linda works all year for this event and really tries to make sure
everyone has a great time, some great food and some great
friendship.  It is an opportunity to get some  of her original art as well.........

Linda has worked to save the Historic Iron Bridge at Powell.  See pictues here.

Regarding the award  sponsored by Collector Editions, the official magazine of the Collectors’ Information Bureau
The competition is over............
 LINDA WON! click


Read the local BLOG about the Powell Bridge


Announcment from the Collector Editions:     
Flash Linda won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2007 Pieces                                  


2006 Pieces

2005 collection

2004 collection

Linda as Humorist



Linda Lindquist Baldwin and her Belsnickles.

Linda Lindquist Baldwin is not
only an internationally recognized
award-winning artist, she is also
the "Queen of Green".  She was
recycling long before it was
"cool".  For 25 years Linda has
sculpted all of her original
Belsnickle Santas, Snowsnickles, Broomsnickles, etc. from various
 types of paper which she has recycled.

Little did Linda Lindquist Baldwin know that when, on a whim,
she bought a book for a nickel at a garage sale, her life would be forever altered

It was the summer of 1986. As a single parent, she was working two jobs with developmentally disabled adults and attending college at night. Stealing a few moments from her hectic schedule, she escaped momentarily into the pages of her nickel garage sale purchase. It was a tattered, forgotten Christmas book filled with enchanting antique papier-mache Santas called Belsnickles. Linda was immediately intrigued by these stately old gentlemen, but knew that rarity and prohibitive prices would not allow her to own one.

Despite the fact that she had never taken an art class nor had any artistic ability that she knew of, this perky little redhead decided to make one of these unique Santas for herself. She mixed up newspaper, glue and water, and, with untrained hands, tackled her first sculpture.---Thus began her new career.

After being featured on CNN, the NBC nightly news and numerous national publications, Linda's original papier-mache Santas became so popular that she could not keep up with the demand and was years behind on orders. Therefore from 1992 through 1995 her Belsnickles were reproduced in resin by the prestigious gift and collectible company, Schmid. A nickel, symbolic of the nickel garage sale purchase that launched her art career, was placed in the base of each Santa. These Schmid pieces are highly collectible and enthusiastically sought after by collectors today. 


From 1996 through 2002, Linda designed for Enesco. In addition to Belsnickles (Santas), her charming collections have grown to include Snowsnickles (snowmen), Broomsnickles  (Halloween items), Samsnickles (Patriotic pieces), Haresnickles (rabbits and Easter decorations), Littlesnickles (miniatures), Snickles (a variety of themes including Professionals and a Nautical line). She has also added Angels and a stunning Nativity, complete with richly-robed camels.  These collections, too, have proven extremely popular with collectors.

In 2003, Linda terminated her contract with Enesco and took a bold step to protect and greatly enhance the collectibility of her Snickles by forming her own collectible art company, Seasons of Snickles.  This venture surpassed all her expections and her retail stores and collectors were very excited and thrilled.  However, as manufacturing costs escalated, Linda realized that she would have to make some changes.  After considering every possible option, she knew there was only one workable solution.  In an effort to protect her collectors from the huge increase in manufacturing costs (up nearly 200%), begining in 2009, Linda began selling her pieces directly to her valued collectors.  This enabled her to absorb most of the cost increases and not pass them on.  She regrets that she can no longer sell to stores but their retail prices would be unafordable for many and Linda's decisions are always based on what is best for her collectors.

Thanks to Linda, you can enjoy a Snickle for every Season , and the trademark nickel in each piece will remind you of her incredible story.

Each December, on the first Sunday afternoon, Linda hosts a Holiday Celebration in her hometown, Joplin, Missouri, which is located on Historic Route 66. This is an event you won't want to miss. You will meet Linda, a warm and friendly, award-winning artist, whose creations are well known around the world. (She will gladly sign a few of your Snickles, too). And you will have a rare "chance" to purchase her original, one-of-a-kind, papier-mache artwork and her Exclusive Edition pieces. These "must have" collectibles are available only at Linda's annual Open House.

Linda's awarding winning "Santa w/Yule Log & Girl" figurine


0901 - Route 66 Santa in Vintage Car 
          9 7/8 inches long
          4 inches wide
          5 inches high
          Boxed  $60.00

go to the page to see all of Linda's 2009 creations you can purchase here.

This 2009 Numbered Limited Edition piece made it's debut at Linda's Open House.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Joplin Humane Society and the Joplin Museum Complex which is located on Route 66.


This piece was a big hit at Linda Lindquist Baldwin's 17th Annual Holiday Celebration/Open House, Sunday, December 6th, 2009.



Preview 2003 Pieces

2004 collection

2005 collection

2006 Pieces

2007 Pieces


You can learn about Linda and her collections as you look around this site.
Take your time and come back as things are changing here all the time.
Linda took many of the pictures.

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Once again, Linda is the cover story of an Ozarks magazine.  Click here to see the cover and then click on the link "current issue" and then 'cover story' if you want to read the story about our beloved Linda.  

Linda inspires so many with her works, her life and her talks.
Click to see Linda giving one of her many INSPIRATIONAL TALKS. Bookings are available.
Linda as Humorist

If there is not a store near you, email Linda and she will try to help you locate any piece that you might like for your collection. If she finds something, she will sign it for you. Click on the "Email for Linda" button below.

Open House 2005

2005 collection



2006 Pieces


2007 Pieces




2008 Pieces









Read Mike Pound's article in the Joplin Globe about Linda


click to see larger image


Linda with her editor and son, Seth.  A constant inspiration and

vital part of the Snickle success story.  A talented writer and enormous help with all of Linda's

written communications (she needs no help with her verbal communication.. ha).


"Old" Newsflash.... Look at Linda's newstory in the Aug 28th National Examiner and read Linda's comment.

See a picture of Linda Playing for Charity

    ***   Linda's "un"official work on her "UN"Event has been successful with her "un"deterred approach.  Click here to go and see what she has done for 2008    ***


Pineville 06 pieces